A variety of work I've done from different employers. Most will be design and content by me.

US Data Product Catalog

YippiLeads Product Website

Facebook Ad

Agency Postcard Front

Agency Postcard Back

GEO-Lift Case Study

Linkedin Ad

LinkedIn Ad

Product Sheet

TIADA Article on Facebook

US Data Article on USA Today

Cyber Monday Special

InMarket Ad

US Data Primary Landing Page

AutoManager NIADA 2019 Show Ad

AutoManager Postcard

Aglaia Software, Inc. Flyer 

ROMAC Supply, Inc. Flyer 

AutoManager, Inc. Flyer

QWQER Express Delivery Postcard

ROMAC Supply, Inc. Flyer

Recorded Pandora Script  For Toyota 

AutoManager TIADA Banner Ad 

Backlit Display for AutoManager

Wembley's Inc. Flyer Commercial Lending

NIADA Magazine Article 

AutoManager Ad for the FIADA

Facebook Posts For Northridge Toyota 2015

AutoManager DeskManager Landing Page for Google Ads

Agency Email Graphic